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Are unwanted items disrupting your peace? Say goodbye to the mess! Our junk removal company will transform your environment into a clean, peaceful haven. Your clutter-free space is just a click away!

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Bid goodbye to clutter with Big Red Junk Removal! We swiftly and safely remove all unwanted items, irrespective of size—no need to wait for the dump to open or take on the heavy lifting yourself. With our services, enjoy a clean, clutter-free space, all at an affordable rate and with the friendliest service.

Swift Removal

Don't wait around. Our quick removal of all unwanted items gives you back control of your time and space.

Affordable Junk Removal Services

Quality doesn't have to be expensive. We offer superior services that provide the best value for your money.

Safety First

Your safety is our priority. We practice safe methods to protect you and your home during junk removal.

Professional junk removal services in Freehold Township, NJ.

Experience the convenience of a clutter-free life with Big Red Junk Removal. Our wide range of services includes junk removal, dumpster rentals, estate cleanouts, and more, all designed to help you maintain a clean space. From residential homes to commercial businesses, we've got you covered.

Objects in a home to be removed for junk removal.

Stress-Free Junk Removal

Reclaim your space with ease!

Our junk removal service is designed to help you reclaim your space. Whether you are searching for residential or commercial junk removal, we handle all unwanted items, regardless of size, ensuring your space is clutter-free. Forget about waiting for the dump to open; we do all the work for you quickly and safely.

Our Procedure

Experience seamless junk removal tailored to your needs.

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? We're here to help! Our process is designed for swift, safe, and affordable junk removal, eliminating the hassle for you.

Schedule Service

Book your junk removal service at your convenience, either online or via a phone call.

Quick Removal

Our team promptly removes all unwanted items, irrespective of their size, from your premises.

Safety First

We adhere to strict safety protocols during removal to ensure your space is left undamaged.

Enjoy Cleanliness!

Relish the comfort of your newly decluttered space!

Enjoy curb-side discounts and senior discounts!

Seniors can enjoy 20% off junk removal services.
Our 20% off curb-side pick-up discount is for when you bring your unwanted items to the curb, and we will pick them up the same day!

Want a clutter-free home?

Let Big Red Junk Removal handle your unwanted items. We provide swift, efficient removal services in Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties. With our affordable prices, reclaiming your space has never been easier.